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Oskalungamultisport won the first stage of the Adventure Camp

With a small advantage, the team Oskalungamultisports Rafael Melges, Diogo Malagon, Soledad Omar and Frederick Gal, secured the first title of Adventure Camp, on 14/03/2010. Focused in the title of the circuit, the team completed the 49 kilometers in 3h05min.

Equipe Oskalungamultisport


The proof, according to team members, was a lot of resilience, because they were behind the Quasar Lontra, who led much of the race. "Stick a tire and just what was without a replacement. All passed, but we saw the others at the end of a climb. The Quasar Lontra has a large advantage but but we reached that team", said Rodrigo.

About the 49 km from the proof of the Pro category, Rafael, very excited and pleased with the outcome, said that although fast, was very difficult. "The course was fantastic, difficult to navigate. Still, no one was wrong. We did so, but so hard, now was worth", said Melges.

Lico and Soledad, who completed the team, did not hide the happiness. "I competed yesterday in XTerra and came second, won here today. But the difficulty was not know much about the race, the boys had to take. But it was fun, thanks for the fans", said the Argentine.

Second Place - Team Santa Fe Adventure Center held the second position, 8 minutes behind the champions. "Proof too fast. We was very conservative and it take 5 minutes. We had to accelerate, we found Quasar only in the end, find difficulty to find the tunnel, but it was very good", said John Bellini, a member of the team.

The third position went to the Quasar Lontra, who led much of the proof and had problems and the fourth Santa Constancia Quasar Lontra Master.

(Source: http://webventureuol.uol.com.br)

XTerra 2010 Season

The 2010 Xterra season started in São Lourenço, Minas Gerais.

The triathlon competition was the first of the day and consecrate to the South-African Hugo Dam and the Brazilian Cristina de Carvalho.

The day was intense heat and sun. The atlhetes performs 1200 mt swim, 26 km of mountain climbs and fantastic descents, with 9km of running on dirt roads.

The circuit was busy with a landscape between fields and plantations that gave an extra energy.

On the male side the South-African had no trouble in getting the victory, leaving the water a bit behind the frame pointer, making difference in the mountain and thus conquered the victory, with 2nd Alexandre Manzan, 3rd Francisco Ferreira, 4th Ezequiel Morales and 5th. Kelmerson Buck.

On the female side Cristina de Carvalho won first place in the women's triathlon taking the opportunity of breaking the shock of the bike from Soledad Omar.

"In the 5th. Kilometer bike suffered a broken shock but still continue in these conditions, and reaching the 18km between a hole and could not control the bike, that is why I fell, I had to ask for help to accommodate the handle, but continue in the competition, in the running part I could deduct 3 min but was not enough to recover the balance after the fall.

In third place was Luzia Bello with 2hs 43min.



Soledad Omar - XTerra São Lourenço 2010

"Mundialito" de Fast Triathlon Female

On Sunday, 28 February, was realized in Niteroi the 10th edition of "Mundialito" Fast Triathlon Female.

The countries that participated in the competition were Canada, Spain, Argentina, Russia, Brazil and Italy, teams of three athletes with emphasis on Italy and Russia, which had Olympic athletes (Beijing 2008) among its members.

The competition, which consisted of three batteries of 250m swim (1 lap), 3.6 km of cycling (6 laps) and 1200m of running (2 laps), proceeded smoothly in a climate softened by rain for days. The first heat was won by Pamela de Oliveira of Brazil, bringing the Russian team with great potential coming in 2nd, 3rd and 4th placings.

In the second heat the experience of Italian athlete participating in Beijing, Daniela Chemet, raised expectations in the public, winning Pamela de Oliveira and surprising the Russian team, which had previously seemed to be stronger.




By the third and last heat, Pamela demonstrated again that it is in pretty good shape to confront a group of six athletes together and taking the initiative from the start of the race. With this victory, Brazil has voiced its superiority in search of the title, Italy has maintained a level similar in the three batteries, while Russia was collapsing every start.

On the side of the Argentine team, Soledad Omar fought in three batteries, being one of the most active in the cycling squad aiming to reach the peak, with a quick race placing her among the first 8 on each battery. Pamela Geijo felt the long path on loose sand between the water and the transition area, key to this kind of competition, and despite having had a good swim, could not ride in the main group. On the side of the beginner in Fast Triathlon Romina Biagioli, has a role worthy, considering all the anxiety and anticipation by not knowing the competition, unable to swim at their best level, but staying in control and ending each battery with an effort to score points for the country.

In this way, Argentina finished ranked in 5th place in teams, behind Brazil, Italy, Russia and Canada, with Spain last.

Triathlon Long Distance
Rodoanel 2010

Soledad Omar, who won the overall Circuit Long Distance in 2009, started the 2010 season already with a great result. The Long Distance Triathlon Rodoanel, step held on 7 February 2010, Soledad was placed 2nd in the Professional Category.

Step Rodoanel was held in a very safe place. The swimming was quiet because the route had no current or waves. The cycling route was more difficult with rising standards. Since the race demanded more of the athletes. It was a hard race but a good workout for anyone thinking of going to the Ironman.

In this first test in early season, Soledad was still a little out of rhythm, with no accurate idea of how he was. However, nothing that prevented her from still achieving an important 2nd place on Long Distance beltway.


Soledad Omar | Long Distance Rodoanel